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Kindle Book, Quick Sand, Released

Maria recently had the honor of designing the cover art for a new Romantic Thriller that just hit the Kindle Book shelves today! From October 10th-15th, readers with a Kindle Unlimited Plan can read the novel for free!

Find the Kindle book Quicksand, here on Amazon. Book cover art designed by Maria A. Trester

"Evan is a strikingly handsome, 30 year old gay man in an abusive relationship. Alan is his 32 year old neighbor traumatized by a particularly tragic divorce. For years, the two neighbors have exchanged only occasional hellos.

Then Evan’s abusive partner, Lucas, is brutally murdered in a gangland-style execution. After years of living in constant terror of mental and physical cruelty, Evan is relieved. But Lucas died for a reason and now his murderers are coming after Evan for unpaid debts.

With no evidence or witnesses to the murder, the police advise Evan to leave town until arrests can be made, but the innocent man has no where to go.

Alan offers Evan secret asylum. Forced to live in a crucible of fear while thugs rampage in search of Evan, the two men share secrets and become ever closer. Temptation mounts. Suddenly, violence flares. Then, Alan and Evan must come together and confront mortal danger."


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