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Cintas liked their first Tulsa flag mural so much, they invited Maria back to paint another! 

The sales team at the Tulsa Cintas has a lot of hustle, referring to themselves often as the "Tulsa Hustlers." This mural was painted as a tribute and motivation to the local sales team. 

Maria has collaborated with local businesses to create beautiful, long lasting, and impactful paintings.


Check out her original artwork painted on the Radish storefront, a local Tulsa Restaurant at the corner of 18th and Boston! 

Euphora wanted to replace the paper streamers on the wall with a beautiful piece of local art. Each flower was hand painted on the wall freehand. 

Employees at Cintas now get to enjoy the Tulsa Flag, hand painted on the wall while they stay hydrated. 

Colourblind Salon (Now Bohemian Pizza), invited Maria to paint a temporary chalk mural during an art show opening. 

Cintas 2nd Tulsa Flag Wall, Tulsa, OK


Radish Storefront  Tulsa, OK

Mural painted by local Tulsa artist, Maria A. Trester.  Mural can be found at Radish Restaurant in Tulsa Oklahoma at the corner of 18th and boston.

Euphora Wall  Tulsa, OK


Tulsa FLag at Cintas  Tulsa, OK

Mural of the Tulsa Flag painted by local Tulsa Artist, Maria A. Trester

Chalk Wall at Colourblind Salon  Tulsa, OK

Chalk mural created by local Tulsa Artist, Maria A. Trester.
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