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About the Artist

Maria A. Trester

Maria A. Trester (MAT) Graphics is a traditional Tulsa artist, marketing specialist and small business enthusiast. She grew up spending time in her late father’s sign shop, learning everything she could about art. Her experience with small business woes are what inspired her to pursue a career in marketing. 

Maria spent the last decade working as a Digital Marketing Manager, consultant, and Business Development manager. She loves meeting business owners, learning their specific needs, and tailoring a solution to best fit their situation. 


When she’s not grinding away, growing small businesses, she loves to Paint with acrylics, and draw with both graphite and charcoal. This site is a combination of original artwork, prints, and printed art on products like T-shirts, coffee mugs and more! 


Every product on this site features original artwork created by local Tulsa artist, Maria A. Trester and is printed on carefully selected top quality products. 


Have questions? Need help with Marketing? Want to collaborate on a project? Reach out to Maria directly at

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